Koala Gets Results You Can Truly Feel

Better Energy Efficiency

We make your home energy efficient, which is great for your comfortability and the environment.

Lower Monthly Bills

Better insulation means money saved and less surprises when it comes to your energy bill.

Keep Cool During Summer

Stay dry, cool, and comfortable even during the hottest months of the year.

Stay Warm During Winter

We ensure warm air stays in, and cold air stays out, so you and your family stay cozy all winter long.

No Varying Temperatures

Temperatures won’t feel out of balance from room to room. Enjoy even temperatures throughout.

Comfort For Every Home

Whether you’re in a hot, humid climate or dry, cold climate, we deliver solutions to make any home more comfortable.

Koala Provides Unmatched Service

Guidance From True Experts

We help you choose the perfect insulation depending on your home, climate, budget, and other needs.

Locations Nationwide

Each location throughout the United States is licensed, insured, and experienced in getting the job done.

We Clean Up Nicely

We treat your home like our own and take time to leave it cleaner than it was before.

Always On-Time

We understand your time is valuable. We show up at your door on-time ready to start your project.

Fast & Efficient Service

Your project gets done on-time, every time. We keep our promises, so you always know what to expect.

For Home Or Business

We work with homeowners, businesses, contractors, and more, to make any space more comfortable.

Every Project Is Backed By Koala’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Feel confident knowing your insulation project is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

Ready To Make The Smart Choice For Your Insulation Needs?

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