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There are many benefits to consider when choosing batt insulation for your Norwich area home. It is a cost-efficient option, offers varying degrees of sound absorption, can reduce energy costs, and is available in different materials and thicknesses to help achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Batt insulation or often referred to as blanket insulation, generally consists of fiberglass, mineral wool and even denim cotton. It is pre-cut and sized to fit most standard building sizes and are best suited for residential houses and commercial applications. Most commonly it is used in between wall studs, attic rafters, and ceiling joists. This type of insulation can be used throughout the house, insulating floors, walls, ceiling, and attics as well as basements and crawl spaces.

There are 3 major types of batt insulation to choose from:

fiberglass batt
Fiberglass Batt
minral_wool batt
Mineral Wool
denim batt
Denim Cotton

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We work with homeowners and contractors to install Batt Insulation in homes, commercial and industrial applications!

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  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Garage
  • Crawl Space
  • Basement
  • Mobile Homes
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  • Apartments Complex
  • Retail Spaces
  • Education Centers
  • Medical Facilities

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Extremely professional, detailed oriented, delivering great value. Would happily recommend these insulators every time. A rare find in home services

Sean M.

Hassle-free batt insulation replacement! Koala was well- priced, quick and tidy with replacing my attic insulation. I will use them again for soundproofing my basememt.

James B.

Removed and installed new batt insulation in the crawl space under my home. Quick response, very professional and good quality of work!

Norman J.
Vernon Rockville

Got the whole attic insulated James and his team did an from start to finish just a positive experience. I would highly recommend Koala insulation for all your insulating needs!

John M.
New London

James and his team did an excellent job at our place. His customer service was top-notch. We had our attic insulated, and it turns out to be a complex and complicated job, but James and his team didn’t hesitate in giving us support and working hard to have it perfectly done.

Ana N.

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Fiberglass batt is the most common type of batt insulation in Norwich, Groton and Vernon Rockville . It is comprised of recycled glass that is melted down and spun into a molten liquid to produce thin fibers. Binders are added to hold the fibers together to create batts, rolls, and loose-fill insulation.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is created from natural spun-stone and natural minerals. It is made by spinning molten basalt and/or blast-furnace slag (a waste product of molten metal). Mineral wool insulation is fireproof and has a higher density than fiberglass batts, creating a better sound barrier.


Denim insulation is made from post-consumer recycled natural fibers, such as denim jeans. Denim insulation is non-toxic and has a Class A fire rating, it is also mold and mildew resistant.

When installed correctly, batt insulation blocks most gaps and creates a moderate seal, reducing the flow of air and the transfer of heat. Batt insulation is manufactured with tiny air pockets inside, which blocks air flow, if packed too tight, compression can occur allowing air transfer, making it less effective. A Koala Insulation expert will install your insulation correctly, making sure the insulation is installed at the right R-value.

Batt insulation is cost effective and efficient and does not settle, maintaining it’s effectiveness over time. With proper instulation, it’s snug fit reduces the transfer of heat through your home. Decreasing the amount of power required to cool or heat a house by as much as 60%.

When choosing Batt insulation, R-value matters. Insulation is labeled by R-value. R stands for resistance to heat flow, the greater the R-value, the higher the insulating power. Koala installers have the knowledge and experience to recommend and install the right density and thickness (R-value).

Fusion-Edit-600 batt

Depending on where you live, different climate zones require different R-values. If you live in a colder climate zone, like the northeast, you’ll will need a higher R-value of insulation, then if you live in a milder climate zone. Typical recommendations for exterior walls are R-13 to R-23, while R-30, R-38 and R-49 are common for ceilings and attic spaces. Proper batt insulation must be installed higher and over your ceiling joists or wall studs, this allow for optimal insulating.

find_r_value batt_insulation

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Read More of Our Reviews

Basement Ceiling with Fiberglass and Rim Joists with Closed Cell Spray Foam!

"Great work, great team, and a very easy process from quote to finish."

North Stonington, CT

Rim Joists SPF

"Courteous, friendly service! On time and great clean up. Would certainly recommend them!"


Spray Foam in Cabins

These guys have been great to work with. we are working on multiple buildings and they always go above to to meet our needs. Highly recommend

East Haddam

Exterior Dense Pack

"Koala Insulation did a very good job spraying insulation into the exterior walls of my house on the day they said they would at a reasonable price."

Waterford, CT

Rim joists SPF and Rockwool Walls

"Great work... on time and in budget. Thanks"

Groton, CT

Blown In Cellulose Attic in Montville

"My order was last minute so I was hesitant to hire anyone. Job included removal of old insulation and add blown in insulation. I was so pleased with John, Sean, Brandon and crew. Very professional efficient and kept the home so clean. Thank you."

Montville, CT

Cellulose Blow In

They did a great job for me, insulating the open area between my garage ceiling and the floor above it (my garage is under the house). Their price was way below other quotes that I got. The workers were friendly, courteous and efficient. Make Koala Insulation your choice.

Vernon, CT

Mineral Wool in the Basement

"Koala was excellent for us. Between reaching out to them, speaking to John on the phone, the in home quote and getting the work done it was complete within a week and a half. Thank you for helping us warm our home before Christmas. they left my basement so clean and finished it all in a day. When it seemed the basement required more work then anticipated, John came out to help out the guys to ensure they got it done that same day. So grateful for Koala Insulation, Thank you!""

Hebron, CT

Sealed up Crawl Spaces with SPF

This company is sooo professional! Brandon & Kacy did an amazing job insulating my two large crawl spaces with spray-foam insulation! And, the attitude and professional/respectful manner was even better than the excellent quality work.

Like everybody else, I tried to find a contractor who would do the work for a cheap price. That contractor was a nightmare. Even though they did a reasonable job for my son, the other contractor ended up disappearing with my down-payment refusing to take my calls. Now I’m having to deal with the nonsense of small-claims court, etc!

Koala was so professional. Showed up day1 to quote on the job. Then they did the job the very next day! AND THEY DID IT SO WELL! My sales person John was terrific to deal with as well. He thoroughly explained all the options and helped me to get this done quickly after the other contractor !@#%& me over.

You won’t regret dealing with these people! Couldn’t be happier."


Attic Blow In

"Casey and Brandon did a great job providing me information for the material that they was going to use in the attic and also did a great job making an area for me to store things in. Respectful and polite went above and beyond to make sure the insulation that they were going to use cover every inch and square of the attic so that the cold air can stay in the attic and not travel around the house. Awesome company to work with insulate your house or basement. Definitely check them out and don’t hesitate to give them a call. Sean and John Are great to work with. Family oriented business. I will give them a 10 star salute but google only allow me to give them 5 star"

Hartford County

Dense Pack Exterior Walls with Cellulose

The team arrived on time (actually early), covered the work area with a plastic wall, worked efficiently and professionally. They cleaned up the area when they were done (actually vacuumed!) and left the area cleaner than when they arrived.

Vernon, CT

Crawl Space w R30 Closed Cell SPF

"Great job. Very professional. On time. Our space is so much warmer."

Lebanon, CT

Open Cell to insulate a hot tub!

Very good company to have your insulation done with. I had my 20ft.x 10 ft swim spa insulated and I LOVE the results! The team was responsive to my last minute change in plans and weather issues. Installers were very professional and I would recommend this company anytime. Plus they give a military discount which is awesome!

East Lyme

R49 Cellulose and a Solar Attic Fan

"Koala Insulation was very professional, did a great job and had very courteous staff. They installed a solar fan for our gable in our 1960 house and they removed the original fiberglass insulation and then they blew in the new insulation on the attic floor."


Spray Foam Closed Cell on Rim Joists

"I bought a fixer upper and needed insulation in the rim joist in the cellar. Koala came out and gave me a good estimate and told me what would be done. They came out and did a excellent job and they were nice and very knowledgeable. They did exactly what I wanted and needed. Would hire them again in a second. Both men that did the job were very kind and polite.


Solar Fan and 10" of Blown In Fiberglass

"The team at Koala Insulation were great. They installed a solar fan in my attic and added insulation. Extremely quick, efficient, respectful and informative. Would hire them over and over again!"


Workshop Closed Cell Rim Joist with R30C Batts in the ceiling

The installation team was great, even came back with their supervisor to check on the installation and correct anything if needed. They were also very timely, communication was excellent

Vernon, CT

R49 Blown In Fiberglass in Attic

very good job, start to finish, pleasent workers. Didnt take long. very satisfied with the job

Ashford, CT

Rim Joists Closed Cell & R21 Batts in Basement

Great job and great value. Sales associate was friendly and not pushy. Install crew was fast and clean

Tolland, CT

R49 Blown In Fiberglass - Attic

One of the best - highly recommended. For the estimate they were responsive, listened to our concerns, were professional in their answers, gave options. When they put in the insulation they were on time, made sure to tell us what they were doing and how long it would take, and cleaned up all. Extremely impressed from start to finish.

Storrs, CT

Basement Fiberglass with Fabric Covering

"We picked the right guys. Clear communication from everyone; knew what they were doing; prompt; simultaneously friendly and professional; willing and able to negotiate details of the job; good clean-up at the end. We are happy we chose Koala of Manchester for our basement ceiling insulation installation."

Stonington, CT

Mobile Home Underbelly full of Cellulose

"Very pleased with job and clean up."""

Thompson, CT

Dense pack in Niantic

"I had a large somewhat complex blown in cellulose wall insulation project that another contractor left unfinished. Koala was able to get me on their schedule within a couple weeks and complete the full job in 2 days. Everyone was very professional and skilled and from the moment the team showed up, everyone knew what they needed to be doing to complete the project efficiently and correctly. Blown cellulose and holes in drywall make a large mess but the Koala team went so far as to wipe down floors and horizontals with a damp rag after project completion to minimize my cleanup efforts. I received quotes from 2 other contractors in the area for the same project and Koala was the only one that was reasonably priced, the other 2 wanted to charge several thousand dollars more and couldn’t commit to the same aggressive schedule."

Niantic, CT

Attic / Knee Wall and Garage

Nice work in *********  highly recommended for garage and attic

Waterford, CT

Roof Deck Closed Cell Spray Foam/ Exterior Walls with R21K Batts

I'm providing an update after 6 months as there was an issue with my rebate that is currently getting resolved. Not the fault of the contractor just CT being a pain in the neck. We have tenants in the house now and they say that they only have one heating unit running on a low temperature and they need to keep a window open upstairs in winter otherwise it gets too warm. So I guess Koala did a really great job with the insulation! Highly recommend them. I would like to also reiterate that their price was very fair and with my rebate the whole job only came out to around $1,200. They are affordable, do great work and their customer service is fantastic!

They did a fantastic job for a fair price. My inspection is scheduled for today but based on what I've seen it should pass with flying colors!"

Montville, CT

4.3" of CC SPF in Cabin Crawl Space

Koala Insulation of Eastern CT did a fantastic job spray-foaming the crawl space of my rental property. John was professional and easy to work with. The spray-foam crew, Brandon & Casey, worked hard and were polite, respectful & answered any questions that we had. I highly recommend Koala

Old Lyme, CT

Knee Wall / Roof Deck Area - Fiberglass Batts Installed

"The best of the best. Just redid my attic insulation and couldn't be happier."

Somers, CT

Blown In Fiberglass top off in the Attic and a Solar Attic Fan Installation

They clean up their mess when they leave very courteous

Brooklyn, CT

Crawl Space Removal

Today they cleared out the mess in the crawl space under the log cabin and sealed the perimeter in preparation for foam blow in next week. I’m really impressed with the work so far and sm looking forward to its completion next week"


3 Season Porch Needed Floor SPF Insulation

Subfloor spray foam insulation on a 15 x15 addition. Full depth, great communication, showed up on time. Highly recommend?!

Tolland, CT

Underbelly Wrap Removal and Reinstallation

"Underbelly of mobile home replaced. John arrived and estimated the job at the time he said he would. The estimate was reasonable. The service Techs were professional, polite and friendly. It was a difficult job and it was done in a timely manner. I would recommend this company."

Griswold, CT

Urgent Install Needed for Certificate of Occupancy

I highly recommend Koala Insulation! John came to our rescue when we needed insulation to be able to pass our building inspection scheduled for just 3 days away. John & the Koala team started the job right away and got it done in time for our inspection! They did a great job and we passed our inspection. John is extremely nice and easy to work with and has the systems in place to easily review estimates and pay invoices electronically. Thank you Koala insulation!!

North Stonington, CT

R30 Kraft Batts into ceiling of basement

"Very nice people to work with. The guys did a nice job installing the insulation and did a real good job cleaning after finishing. I can already feel the difference. Would highly recommend"

Lebanon, CT

Vapor Barrier Crawl Space and Install new Fiberglass Batts in floor joists.

Excellent Job


Install Solar Fan, Insulation Removal, Batt Insulation Install in Basement and Cellulose in Attic

Highly professional, great attitude and work ethic. Really went above and beyond the call of duty. I was redoing all the insulation in my entire house when they found bats in my attic. Cool, and calm, they did the best they could and went on to another area of my home. Came back another day at no extra charge and finished the job. They also never took up my offer to buy them lunch during their work.I can't recommend enough. Great work by great guys! Thank you again!


2 Small Crawl Spaces and 1 under main house

Professional, efficient and really care for the customers.


Attic Cellulose and Solar Fan

Koala did a great job for us - adding attic insulation and installing a solar powered attic fan. They were flexible when I requested a delay in starting the job, arrived on time, met expectations on getting the job done, and cleaned up before leaving. I recommend them highly."

Gales Ferry

Dense Pack Walls from Exterior

Accommodating, friendly, great service :)


Install or Upgrade Blown-In Insulation

Hard working crew, great personal connection with management.

New London

Install or Upgrade Batt, Rolled or Reflective Insulation

The technicians did exactly what the job consisted of in a timely manner. They were polite and courteous and cleaned up very nicely after the work was done. The price was fair due to the amount of work involved. We are very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend.


Install or Upgrade Batt, Rolled or Reflective Insulation

They responded immediately! They came out the next day to give us an estimate that was very reasonable, the final bill was less than the estimate. The workers were friendly and cleaned up. Any phone calls were answered by a person! They were quick and did exactly what they said they would do. I can recommend them very highly!

North Windham

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