Koala Insulation partners with residential, commercial and industrial builders to provide the highest quality insulation installations. Because of our vast experience of working with builders and renovators, we understand that getting in and getting the job done on-time to keep your project on schedule is imperative. Koala uses robust technology and as a result we provide you and your project manager(s) with real-time arrival, departure and completion alerts. We also archive before and after pictures of every job that we complete.

Our comprehensive service offering includes:

  • Insulation Installation
    • Spray Foam (Open and closed cell)
    • Blown-In
    • Batt (Blanket)
  • Insulation Removal & Haul Off
  • Complimentary Services
    • Air Sealing & Fire Caulking
    • Baffle Installation
    • Attic Hatch and Can-Light Covers
    • Crawl Space Services
    • Intumescent Coatings (ignition and thermal barriers)

Why choose Koala as your insulation Subcontractor?

Our mission at Koala is to provide efficiency and comfort for our customers and as a builder you understand that. Having Koala as your insulation sub means that we’re already on the same page and we can get right to work!

  • Insurance - We are fully insured and carry General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto coverages! Our insurance carriers are A+ rated, to ensure that our customers are protected.  We’ll gladly issue a certificate of insurance to your office upon acceptance of a bid.
  • Inspections & Code Compliance - We know the codes in the area and adhere to them ensuring a successful blower door test if applicable and insulation inspection - the first time around!
  • Getting the job done - Doing what we say, saying what we’ll do! This is one of Koala Insulations founding objectives.  It’s simple but yet so many companies can’t seem to get it right.
  • Cleanliness - When we complete the insulation on your project, we’re going to leave the space free of any left over insulation debris.
  • Need a vendor that can pass rigorous background check or get on government property? NO PROBLEM! Koala uses background checks.
  • Need a job done quick? - We have the man-power and flexibility to do last minute fill-ins.
  • Name brand products- We only use national brand products from the companies you already know.
  • Payment Terms - We have flexible payment terms and can accept credit cards, ACH and checks. We offer payment terms for our builder customers rating from Net 10 - 30.
  • Our Builders love us!
“I have worked with many subs in my home building career and I’ll say that Jeff and the crews at Koala are some of the best people that I have worked with. They are a pleasure to do business with and I’d recommend them to any contractor that is looking for a high quality insulation sub.”  Donnie J.
“Wow, If all of our subs were as organized, punctual and put together as Koala I could easily take on a couple more projects. I am also able to pay my invoices online with my company Amex.”  Tyler