Give your home an upgrade with blown in cellulose or fiberglass attic insulation and experience savings, good health, and home value!

Blown-in insulation fills every nook and cranny of the attic and creates an extra fluffy layer of effective insulation. It is a convenient choice that can be blown in over existing insulation or in between walls and ceiling joists without disturbing structures. Loose-fill fiberglass or cellulose can be blown on your attic floor, between walls, or other spaces that may require insulation. Blown-in insulation can easily cover large areas and will fill in areas with tight spaces and angles. Koala Insulation of South Miami installs blown-in for retrofit, residential, commercial, and new build construction.

Does your attic insulation measure up GRAPHIC

Does your attic insulation measure up?


We’ll make your space more comfortable

  • energy bill
    Lower energy bills

    Insulation can lower energy bills substantially. The US Department of Energy estimates that 56% of the energy used in a home goes to heating and cooling. Let us give you reduced monthly costs!

  • noise
    Reduce outside noise

    New insulation will lessen outside, unwanted noises, giving you a better night’s rest. Let us give you silence!

  • power-plug
    Affordable R-Value

    Blown-in Insulation is very cost effective and allows you to get better comfort and lower monthly costs at an affordable price point. Blown In insulation is a no brainer as a homeowner. Let us help you save on the upfront costs!

  • carbon-footprint
    Reduced carbon footprint

    By reducing energy waste, you're helping the environment. Let us help you do your part for a brighter tomorrow!

  • cost
    Pays for itself over time

    By saving on your electricity bill each month, your insulation upgrade will pay for itself over time and you’ll save money for years to come . Let us give you a return on your investment!


We work with homeowners and contractors to install Blown In Attic insulation in homes, commercial and industrial applications!



  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Garage
  • Between Floors
  • Basement


  • Apartments Complex
  • Retail Spaces
  • Education Centers
  • Medical Facilities

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    No mess left behind! We clean up after ourselves.

  • Experienced

    We have 15+ years of experience in construction and home services.

  • Knowledgeable

    We’ll help you choose the right insulation for your project.

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They installed attic Insulation and Also a roof fan. I highly recommended to anyone needing to get theirs done. Definitely will be using again for other parts of the house as well.

Uncle Rv.
Coral Gables

Very pleased. Would recommend to anyone that needs a good company for blown in insulation. Very professional. Arrived on time. Cleaned up afterwards. Folks were courteous and answered all my questions.

Mary B.
Palmetto Bay

The Team at Koala Insulation provided an amazing service and deal for my attic insulation job which added additional R19 to my existing attic insulation. The team was on time and got to work immediately.

Tom M.

Just had David and his team do blown-in in our house and the service and install was the best. They were neat clean and right away notice a huge difference in our electric bill along with overhead noise from outside from happy with this investment to our home!

Lisa L.

The Koala crew did a great job. The insulation job was promptly scheduled and reasonably priced. The additional insulation should reduce my electric bill. My house needed missing insulation to be reinstalled. Jeff, and the crew were professional and super nice to deal with. Thank you so very much.

Sarah J.
Cutler Bay

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When it comes to blown-in insulation, you have two primary choices: Cellulose and Fiberglass. Learn more with our videos below!


Cellulose consists of fibers made from recycled newspaper, cardboard, or wood and is made with or without binders. Cellulose is a very common type of blown-in insulation as it is made from recycled materials and is chemically treated to resist pests, mold, and fire. Boric acid is the primary chemical used to treat Cellulose insulation and is found naturally in seawater, fruits, and plants.


Fiberglass is made from plastic, glass, and other raw materials that are melted and spun into fibers that resemble the texture of wool. Fiberglass insulation has moisture and fire-resistant properties. Because fiberglass is made from sand and glass, it is naturally non-combustible. Fiberglass has significant recycled content with some loose-fill products containing up to 80% recycled glass.


Increasing the R-value of your insulation may help you to money on energy bills and maximize the energy efficiency of your home. Blown-in insulation is a environmentally conscious, cost effective way to increase your attic’s insulation, which in turn may help lower your cooling and heating bills. For maximum energy efficiency, we recommend a powerful combination of insulation and proper air sealing. This can help eliminate air leaks that pass through recessed light fixtures, plumbing areas, and duct work.

Blown-in insulation slows heat transfer from your attic to the lower levels of your home during the hot summer and works hard to keep the warm air inside your home during the cold winter months. The attic is the main location where heat enters and exits the home, making it difficult to keep your home temperatures consistent. Proper insulation can target reducing heat transfer while also allowing your HVAC system to increase its performance.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the many positive benefits Blown-in insulation has is that it is environmentally friendly. Not only does it improve the energy efficiency of your home, but it also helps protect the environment.

Cellulose is made up of 80% recycled materials, with the remaining consisting of non-toxic borate solution. This solution gives the insulation a Class-1 fire safety rating and makes it mold and pest resistant. Certain fiberglass products can contain up to 80% recycled glass products and is non-combustible.

Blown-in insulation not only protects your home from energy loss, butal so helps reduce emissions associated with heating and cooling equipment. For those home owners who are looking for economical ways to reduce their environmental impact, curb energy waste, and increase the comfort of your home, blown-in insulation may be the solution for you!

Blown-in insulation provides a dense, effective barrier against heating/cooling loss or gain, and it provides an affordable R-value per inch. “R” means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

Dense-packed cellulose or fiberglass insulation blocks the bulk of air movement and has a higher R-value per inch than insulation installed at a lower density. Attics can accommodate a deep layer of insulation, as much as 16 to 26 inches, making the resistance to heat flow even higher by installing blown-in insulation.

Fiberglass blown-in insulation is a loose material which allows the installation amount to be customized according to your local energy efficiency recommendations. Depending on which climate zone you live in, you may need a higher R-value. The higher the R-value, the more it will decrease air flow and help you conserve energy.

When it comes to insulating your home, R-value matters.

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Highly recommended

Great work installing new insulation in the attic.

South Miami

I highly recommend Koala!

Koala Insulation was very professional and completed the job with the utmost skill. Everyone at Koala, from Javier our sales rep, to Paul our site supervisor, were a pleasure to work with. The insulation work was done promptly and the site was left pristine upon completion.

South Miami

Highest of praises

We have nothing but the highest of praises for the Koala team. They performed an attic insulation on our house. Javier was very thorough with the evaluation and estimate and answering all of my questions. The pricing was excellent, customer service was excellent and overall job they performed...excellent!

South Miami


Very professional and diligent with estimates, follow-ups and work performance.

South Miami


Un excelente trabajo, rápido, limpio y económico.

South Miami


Just had my attic cleared, cleaned and insulated by Koala Insulation of South Miami. Javier and the crew did a great job - they were prompt, professional and quick!

South Miami


Just had our attic done. This company was on time, clean and efficient. Would recommend this company any time. Our house feels cooler today and the A/C is not running all the time!

South Miami

Great service!

Javier and his team did an amazing job and were super punctual.

South Miami


Professional, friendly, courteous, punctual

South Miami

Very professional

Very professional

South Miami

Very professional

Very professional

South Miami


Worked clean and efficient. The salesman is the owner and the installer.

South Miami


Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. The job was completed fast and very clean. Felt instant improvement in the house once insulation was completed.

South Miami


Were professional, showed up on time, finished the job in a timely fashion and cleaned up when they were done.

South Miami

Great service

No mess at all...

South Miami

Very pleased and satisfied with his work

We thank Javier Guzman for his work, he is very professional, honest and respectful. Javier explained in detail the kind of job his company provides and you can identify the difference with others in the market.

South Miami

Very good service

Very friendly, will refer to any friend that needs insulation

South Miami


Dependable, experienced

South Miami

Very happy.

They came out with the best estimate. Javier was very professional and pleasant. He went above and beyond to make sure that his estimate was accurate by double checking the square footage of our attic. Koala arrived on time and did a great job. I highly recommend their services.

South Miami

Highly recommended.

They were fast, on time and very professional.

South Miami


Very professional team. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone in need of expertise advice on replacing old insulation.

South Miami

Koala's team has done an amazing job.

They provided several options. Safety and quality are their top priorities. The crew was professional and detail-oriented. Affordable rates to meet all budgets.

South Miami

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