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From the vlog of Koala Insulation, Tampa Central brings you even more information through our insulation videos covering your common questions. Insulation plays a very important role in a building's integrity and energy efficiency. Be sure to check back regularly or subscribe to our YouTube for our monthly video series.

Insulation 101: Cellulose

When and where should you be installing cellulose insulation? Learn more about the benefits and common projects with Koala Insulation!

Your local Koala Insulation contractor is focused on providing the best insulation for your building. Evaluating your insulation needs, especially for new homeowners and businesses, is important for keeping your building comfortable and energy efficient.

Insulation 101: Fiberglass

How can fiberglass insulation make your home more comfortable and energy efficient? Koala Insulation can help you make the decision between batt and blown-in fiberglass so you're chosing the best insulation for your building.

Fiberglass is one of the most recognizable insulations on the market. Here, we explain the different types, their benefits and any precautions you may need to consider when installing fiberglass. For more information, take a look at our Insulation Blog.

Insulation 101: Spray Foam

What's the difference between open cell and closed cell spray foam? Both types of spray foam are great options for keeping you building energy efficient. Before deciding to go with spray foam insulation, learn more about the differences between each.

Safety is a top priority for Koala Insulation and our employees. Our employees are trained to install and handle spray foam and keep your environement clean and comfortable. We review some of the precautions we take during training so that we guarantee we're applying a safe insulation to your buidling.

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