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Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation is particularly useful when it comes to helping eliminate the gaps that let energy escape -- and that increase your heating and cooling bills each month.

Mixed on-site, spray foam is sent through a hose into the stud cavity, where it hardens and creates a long-term, barrier that helps keep heat out in the summer -- and in, in the winter.  Depending on your needs, you will choose either closed- or open-cell foam. 

The benefits of closed cell are that it can actually strengthen walls and has low vapor permeance, while open-cell spray foam accommodates natural, slight building shifts, and is ideal in rooms where sound-reduction is desired, such as in home theaters or, for a light sleeper, bedrooms. Spray foam can be equally useful for condos, apartments, and townhomes to help reduce the noise between units.   

Our technicians are trained in handling the spray foam components and in completing the installation safely.  We guarantee that they will prepare the job site to meet all safety standards.

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