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When it comes to sealing, we like to compare it to buying a strong door but leaving a window wide open.  While the door might keep intruders out, the open window will let them right in. 

It’s no different with sealing.  There will always be construction points where air can get in. 

By sealing these leaks, we can reduce the heat loss (or gain) that comes from common problem areas, e.g. recessed lights, chimney framing, an attic hatch, wiring holes, the furnace flue, windows, and doors. 

The sealing process can be done in a number of ways.  Silicone caulk and expanding foam can fill the smaller gaps, such as those from plumbing or wiring holes; while aluminum flashing or an insulation dam can address leaks around flue pipes.

In all cases, it is vital that one uses the right type of sealant material during the installation process, so as part of the initial evaluation, our technicians will test for leaks and determine the best way to seal them. 

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