Koala Insulation is a company of data and market research. We relied on our target audience while building our brand and to discover the best times to put Koala Insulation in front of potential customers. Through our test markets, we have determined what marketing strategies work so no marketing budget is wasted.

The Koala Brand

Koala Insulation developed a unique brand to separate our company from other insulation contractors. To be a Koala Insulation franchisee is to follow our brand standards.

Our Brand Vision:

Delivering efficiency. Improving comfort.

Our Mission Statement:

Koala Insulation delivers efficiency and improves comfort by addressing customer priorities, with expertise and simplicity, for an ultimately painless process.

Our Brand Promise:

To efficiency-conscious customers, Koala Insulation delivers overall best-value comfort.

To contractors, Koala Insulation provides versatility and value by meeting requirements through an ultimately painless process.


Marketing Package

  • Branded folder
  • Brochure
  • Pamphlets
  • Business cards
  • Print Ads
  • Digital Ads
  • Signage
  • Photoshoot with our in-house photographer
  • Video with our in-house videographer
  • Promotional Products
  • Uniforms & Apparel
  • Library of Graphics


Marketing Support

  • Website with localized SEO and continued optimization
  • Google My Business setup & training
  • Social Media setup & training
  • Graphics creation
  • Development & testing for launching New campaigns
  • Preferred vendors
  • Blog & Vlog development
  • Promotional Videos