Valentine’s Day is the special time of year when we all stop, smell the flowers, and take some time to shower our partners with appreciation. Well, we would like to shower some appreciation on a few of our favorite Koala couples who are running their own businesses side by side.

Franchesca and Tyler Calhoun

Tyler and Franchesca Calhoun have been married for seven years, but have been running their business together for four months. Professionally, the two came from two entirely different worlds — Franchesca was a social worker and Tyler was an engineer — and they didn’t set out to own a business together. But Tyler and Franchesca both feel that working together has brought their family and their relationship closer.

“Working together adds that extra layer to your relationship when you see your spouse in a different space,” Franchesca said. “I never would have been able to see Tyler in work mode before this, which has been kind of neat. It puts you in a different space to invest in your relationship in a different way.”

The couple has two young children together, and Tyler said the flexibility that comes from his own business and choosing his own hours is the best part about owning their own business. Before, Tyler left the house early and returned late, which meant less time with his family and missing out on things like driving his kids to school or taking them to the park to play. Now, Tyler is able to manage his schedule in a way that allows him to spent plenty of time with those he cares about most.

Karay and Bruce Hamer

Bruce and Karay Hamer have been married almost 29 years. In that time, they built a house, a family, and now, they are building a business. Bruce and Karay have been operating their own Koala franchise since November of 2020, and knew they were going to do it together right from the start.

“This was an adventure we were going on that I couldn’t do by myself,” Bruce said. “We are so much stronger together.”

Bruce and Karay were ready to open their own business as the start of a new chapter in their lives — their kids had grown up and moved out, and Bruce was ready to run a business on his own after gaining decades of valuable experience in the military and the healthcare industry. Though getting their business started came with a lot of lessons and hard work, but Bruce and Karay wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We’ve done it with smiles on our faces,” Karay said. “I’m looking forward to what our future holds. We have so much more life to live and going on this journey and working together, I’m looking forward to it.”

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